3 Goals of my life

Everyone has goals in life and certainly I do too, and my goals are simple but they make me strive to accomplish them every single day! My three goals are; 1. To succeed in school to the fullest education. 2. To be good/ amazing in what I do everyday. 3. Never give up no matter what happens and always keep your head up!

These are my goals because I strive everyday because I want to use my knowledge and my physical power to do the most that I can which means using 110% of my energy to do much as I can to succeed in everything I can do every time a problem or situation comes my way.

You always have to remember that every goal is a obstacle for you to show everything you can do and to push yourself to the full extent to accomplish your life dreams and to become successful in life every single day and every single minute. Don’t forget to live life to the fullest and always make goals you can accomplish everyday!

Decisions, Decisions

Everyone makes decisions in life and some are as big as a world or as small as a atom! Decisions can make people think twice about something before noticing something real such as your true love or a true friend that won’t give up on you.

I’ve made choices in my life that were big and one was something that wasn’t ready to be said to her and i still can’t tell her until she is 18 years old and it hurts me because she thinks we are just cousins nothing else but i found out that my real father is truly her father and that I’m truly her brother. It hurts me because she wants a older brother but doesn’t have one…well thats what she thinks is that she doesn’t have one be secretly I’m her brother and her mother doesn’t wanna say anything due to our father has 2 months to live because of throat cancer.

Every time I see her I feel bad because i know the truth about us being brother and sister but I can’t say anything due to she can’t be old until she is a grown adult. As of today she is 15 turns 16 in 4 months and i turn 18 in December.

so remember everyone has decisions but have you made the right ones is all up to you!….

Who is the hero?

One person I see as a hero is my mother because she has done so much and gave up a lot of things for my brother and I. She would go a day without eating to feed my brother and I and she always said we would have a better life soon. She was right because throughout the years we progressed and she grew into a better person and showing us we can be whatever we dream to be and that nothing can stop us because nothing stopped her to get us where we are today as my brother is a hard working 21 year old and I’m a hard working 17 year old, going to school and not doing things I shouldn’t be doing.

My mother has done so much to get to where she is at today because she never stopped believing we would make it to where we are today and she never lost hope in the belief nor did she stop striving to keep that hope alive. She has been through a lot and i can’t thank her enough for everything she sacrificed for my brother and I and that how much she has been through for us and how she never gave up! Now I call that a hero!

Prom from a Teen


Prom is a night to remember for people all around but others think twice as some wanna go to prom for after parties or dinner or other activities after prom. Some do go to prom for the music and the dance but also to simply relax and have a good time with a date or group of friends they might go with.Logo_APTR-NEW-OFFICIAL.jpgDuring prom a lot of dancing takes place with talking and the great music they start to play. All proms at least have one slow song or more then one but also there is something special about prom a lot of students, that are seniors, look forward to such as, Prom King, Prom Queen, and also best dressed248867-standard.jpg

Most responses from students that are going to prom are;

*Are you going to prom alone, with a date, or with a group?*

“I’m going with a group because I feel like you can go as a group and a date but still have fun like you are there with just a date but when fun songs come on you can dance funny with those friends.”

-Kyree Carter

“I’m going with a date because it’s a night to remember and make memories and why do it alone when you can go with a beautiful girl and have a night of your life dancing forĀ multiple hours.

-Brett Berry

Whether you’re going alone or with a date or even a group, just remember to always have fun and always make memories at your prom. I asked others what their opinion was because it’s nice to know who likes prom and who doesn’t.

*What is your opinion on Prom?*

“To me prom is a little overrated because people take it a step over then what it’s supposed to be.”

-Micheal Reyes

“Prom such be more dancing then anything else out there because it for you to still feelĀ young and dance the night away.”

-Shakim James


The Beauty of a Senior


I took this photo in Courtyard by the band hall and standing above her us portrait.


This photo was taken in the lunch room courtyard with a tree in the picture using it to kind of outline her in portrait mode.


The photo is also in the lunch room courtyard and its using a tree also with portrait mode.


This was also taken in the courtyard by the band hall and using portrait mode to capture a picture of her hair spread out across the grass.


The last picture was taken in the lunch room courtyard to recreate the third photo but with better lighting.