Lessons of the future….

Some lessons that I’ve learned are that never trust people you think have your back because sometimes they are a monster behind a fake face and are their for you just to ruin you in the future. I had a friend and we were friends for about two years now and he wasn’t really my friend he was more of someone I talked with and chilled with more then a true friend. This year he started dating this girl he likes a lot but he never saw what she does to his friends because he didn’t care because he liked her. Honestly she pushed all his friends away and took over his life by not letting him talk to anyone and making him listen to her even though he never saw what it was doing to him truly because as soon as she leaves him, he won’t have friends because he let her push his friends away.

I’m waiting for him to truly see the truth behind her because she has cheated on him and he won’t listen to his friends because he doesn’t care what we say he only cares what she has to say and her opinion on everything in his life.


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