If I could choose any job in the world and it would be mine I would most likely be a singer because I usually sing with my mom and with my friends and they always say I need to try out on a show or something because I can sing and all this. I recently been singing with my girlfriend and she has been getting mad because all the country and pop songs with listen too, I can sing every note on point with the right pitch and all and she gets mad because she is in choir and I’m not so she said she should sing better but we joke around about it.

My freshmen year we had a talent show at my school and I tried out and made it but I had to find a song and sing it so I choose Take your time -Sam Hunt. My friends and everyone watching said I did really good but I always think other wise. The reason I think other wise is because I don’t like singing in front of people but that day freshmen year I did sing but it was because my grandmother wanted me to so I went ahead and did it for her.

That is my dream job so now tell me whats yours!


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