The Law in my hands!

One law I want to change if I could is the voting law because the next generation should be able to vote because for one it is gonna be their president in the future might as well let them choose who they want but they at least have to be in high school and be able to prove it. The main reason for changing this law is to also see the opinion of the next generation and hear what they think and have to say about voting for which president and why they choose that person.

In all honesty, I think changing this law will make things better because only older people can vote and the younger really doesn’t get a say so but the older people want us to be ready for the real world but won’t let us vote to make our choices and make mistakes we can learn for but won’t work because people who are older than us speak for us and not let us speak for ourself.

Changing this law would help America but no one sees it because our generation is “bad”, “not understanding” and all thats because no one gives us a chances to prove we do understand and we do listen!


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