$1000 for what?

If I had a $1000 and I had only one hour to spend it at Walmart only…I would spend it one at least 3 long boards for a total of $368.59 leaving me with $631.41 to buy me a new phone around $150. Now that i have $481.41 I would buy a xbox one and games for about the price of, $243.12 and then turn around and use it to buy some active clothing for football with prices around $100 for everything I want. Now that I have $138.29 with about half a hour left i would probably buy some slides for $30.00 which leaves me $108.29 which will be spent on some food items for $80.00 leaving me $28.29. I would take the $28.29 and take the rest to the McDonalds in Walmart.

The reasons why I would buy these items are simple; I would buy the long boards because I used to long board with my buddies back in Florida and we had so much fun but my board broke in half so I need a new one. I would buy a new phone because the phone I have now is messed up badly and glitches, with the xbox one would be so I could play online with friends that live far away from me and reconnect with them. Clothing is just for football use only, and the slides are because my slides are worn down and falling apart but the food is just cause I’m hungry right now…..


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