Historical Human

A historical figure I would like to meet is Walt Disney because he was so successful and he did so much within his lifespan and how he was so happy and enjoy making movies and shows for kids all over the nation and world!!!

I would love to meet Walt disney because i wanna know how successful he truly was and how to become successful but the biggest question i have for him is how did he get into the business of making movies and shows for kids and adults too! Walt Disney still surprises me to this day because he did so much back then and not a lot of people realize how much he did for everyone around the world and how they never notice shocks me because he is so big and was such a power image for kids and teens but not only them but also adults too.

I want to be like Walt Disney because i love kids and i enjoy seeing kids laugh and smile because they are still young and I want them to enjoy being young before its too late to do all things you wanted to do as a child because they never wanted to get up an go do it!



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