3 Goals of my life

Everyone has goals in life and certainly I do too, and my goals are simple but they make me strive to accomplish them every single day! My three goals are; 1. To succeed in school to the fullest education. 2. To be good/ amazing in what I do everyday. 3. Never give up no matter what happens and always keep your head up!

These are my goals because I strive everyday because I want to use my knowledge and my physical power to do the most that I can which means using 110% of my energy to do much as I can to succeed in everything I can do every time a problem or situation comes my way.

You always have to remember that every goal is a obstacle for you to show everything you can do and to push yourself to the full extent to accomplish your life dreams and to become successful in life every single day and every single minute. Don’t forget to live life to the fullest and always make goals you can accomplish everyday!


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