Decisions, Decisions

Everyone makes decisions in life and some are as big as a world or as small as a atom! Decisions can make people think twice about something before noticing something real such as your true love or a true friend that won’t give up on you.

I’ve made choices in my life that were big and one was something that wasn’t ready to be said to her and i still can’t tell her until she is 18 years old and it hurts me because she thinks we are just cousins nothing else but i found out that my real father is truly her father and that I’m truly her brother. It hurts me because she wants a older brother but doesn’t have one…well thats what she thinks is that she doesn’t have one be secretly I’m her brother and her mother doesn’t wanna say anything due to our father has 2 months to live because of throat cancer.

Every time I see her I feel bad because i know the truth about us being brother and sister but I can’t say anything due to she can’t be old until she is a grown adult. As of today she is 15 turns 16 in 4 months and i turn 18 in December.

so remember everyone has decisions but have you made the right ones is all up to you!….


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