Who is the hero?

One person I see as a hero is my mother because she has done so much and gave up a lot of things for my brother and I. She would go a day without eating to feed my brother and I and she always said we would have a better life soon. She was right because throughout the years we progressed and she grew into a better person and showing us we can be whatever we dream to be and that nothing can stop us because nothing stopped her to get us where we are today as my brother is a hard working 21 year old and I’m a hard working 17 year old, going to school and not doing things I shouldn’t be doing.

My mother has done so much to get to where she is at today because she never stopped believing we would make it to where we are today and she never lost hope in the belief nor did she stop striving to keep that hope alive. She has been through a lot and i can’t thank her enough for everything she sacrificed for my brother and I and that how much she has been through for us and how she never gave up! Now I call that a hero!


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