Prom from a Teen


Prom is a night to remember for people all around but others think twice as some wanna go to prom for after parties or dinner or other activities after prom. Some do go to prom for the music and the dance but also to simply relax and have a good time with a date or group of friends they might go with.Logo_APTR-NEW-OFFICIAL.jpgDuring prom a lot of dancing takes place with talking and the great music they start to play. All proms at least have one slow song or more then one but also there is something special about prom a lot of students, that are seniors, look forward to such as, Prom King, Prom Queen, and also best dressed248867-standard.jpg

Most responses from students that are going to prom are;

*Are you going to prom alone, with a date, or with a group?*

“I’m going with a group because I feel like you can go as a group and a date but still have fun like you are there with just a date but when fun songs come on you can dance funny with those friends.”

-Kyree Carter

“I’m going with a date because it’s a night to remember and make memories and why do it alone when you can go with a beautiful girl and have a night of your life dancing for multiple hours.

-Brett Berry

Whether you’re going alone or with a date or even a group, just remember to always have fun and always make memories at your prom. I asked others what their opinion was because it’s nice to know who likes prom and who doesn’t.

*What is your opinion on Prom?*

“To me prom is a little overrated because people take it a step over then what it’s supposed to be.”

-Micheal Reyes

“Prom such be more dancing then anything else out there because it for you to still feel young and dance the night away.”

-Shakim James



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