Instalife or Instagram?

Instagram is a popular photo- and video-sharing app that requires only a couple of touches to produce retro-looking projects and then share them with friends and other Instagram members. With recent updates, the app adds video, letting you add filters and post to your feed much like you do with photos. Instagram has over 2 million followers due to it’s amazing features and quality when you upload a photo or video and how the filter goes so well on the photo and post that you upload.


Instagram lets you connect with your friends, family, fans(if you have any), and just people with the same interest such as taking amazing photos and uploading them and letting others enjoy the photo you uploaded. people use the app because of 3 reasons.

  1. takes time away to get their mind off other things
  2. it lets them connect with friends and lets you see their amazing photos
  3. the app is fun to use and also lets you follow celebrities

instagram-icon-2016z copy.jpg

Instagram is used all over the world because its so addicting and people love you due to everyone takes amazing and beautiful pictures everywhere and Instagram lets you share that amazing photo with everyone in the world or that just follows you in general. My opinion on Instagram is that its one of my favorite apps i use weekly and you should try it out if you already don’t have the app!


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