Is Spring break always fun?

Spring break has to be fun right? not for some and that some was me! like spring breaks about going out and going to a party or hanging with friends or something of the sorts and getting to have fun and not working about school. When your parents get mad and you do something wrong so they get mad at you and you get grounded or something but you’re 17 years old like come on stop being lame and be fun or give me a break its literally spring break! Kids and adults all should have fun during spring break its a time to relax lay back or go have fun all the time everyday (which is what i did last year during spring break).

Everyone had to at least had fun one time in their life and the time should’ve been during spring break about one time in their lifetime but not everyone has fun. There are some boring and uptight people out there more worried about school work and life and not enjoying what they have at the time and don’t see what they are missing in their life. People need to realize what they have because before you know it, that one thing could be gone with a blink of the eye and most of the time you will never see is disappear and never realize it was in front of them the whole time because they never took a moment to enjoy it but instead blew it off like it never mattered but then later in life wished they would’ve took that moment before it slipped away and vanished in front of their eyes.

Best time is here

So when you realize the moment you should take the chance and go out and have fun before you become grown were you can’t have fun because you’re too old or don’t have time for the moment!!!


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