Lessons of the future….

Some lessons that I’ve learned are that never trust people you think have your back because sometimes they are a monster behind a fake face and are their for you just to ruin you in the future. I had a friend and we were friends for about two years now and he wasn’t really my friend he was more of someone I talked with and chilled with more then a true friend. This year he started dating this girl he likes a lot but he never saw what she does to his friends because he didn’t care because he liked her. Honestly she pushed all his friends away and took over his life by not letting him talk to anyone and making him listen to her even though he never saw what it was doing to him truly because as soon as she leaves him, he won’t have friends because he let her push his friends away.

I’m waiting for him to truly see the truth behind her because she has cheated on him and he won’t listen to his friends because he doesn’t care what we say he only cares what she has to say and her opinion on everything in his life.


If I could choose any job in the world and it would be mine I would most likely be a singer because I usually sing with my mom and with my friends and they always say I need to try out on a show or something because I can sing and all this. I recently been singing with my girlfriend and she has been getting mad because all the country and pop songs with listen too, I can sing every note on point with the right pitch and all and she gets mad because she is in choir and I’m not so she said she should sing better but we joke around about it.

My freshmen year we had a talent show at my school and I tried out and made it but I had to find a song and sing it so I choose¬†Take your time -Sam Hunt.¬†My friends and everyone watching said I did really good but I always think other wise. The reason I think other wise is because I don’t like singing in front of people but that day freshmen year I did sing but it was because my grandmother wanted me to so I went ahead and did it for her.

That is my dream job so now tell me whats yours!

The Law in my hands!

One law I want to change if I could is the voting law because the next generation should be able to vote because for one it is gonna be their president in the future might as well let them choose who they want but they at least have to be in high school and be able to prove it. The main reason for changing this law is to also see the opinion of the next generation and hear what they think and have to say about voting for which president and why they choose that person.

In all honesty, I think changing this law will make things better because only older people can vote and the younger really doesn’t get a say so but the older people want us to be ready for the real world but won’t let us vote to make our choices and make mistakes we can learn for but won’t work because people who are older than us speak for us and not let us speak for ourself.

Changing this law would help America but no one sees it because our generation is “bad”, “not understanding” and all thats because no one gives us a chances to prove we do understand and we do listen!

$1000 for what?

If I had a $1000 and I had only one hour to spend it at Walmart only…I would spend it one at least 3 long boards for a total of $368.59 leaving me with $631.41 to buy me a new phone around $150. Now that i have $481.41 I would buy a xbox one and games for about the price of, $243.12 and then turn around and use it to buy some active clothing for football with prices around $100 for everything I want. Now that I have $138.29 with about half a hour left i would probably buy some slides for $30.00 which leaves me $108.29 which will be spent on some food items for $80.00 leaving me $28.29. I would take the $28.29 and take the rest to the McDonalds in Walmart.

The reasons why I would buy these items are simple; I would buy the long boards because I used to long board with my buddies back in Florida and we had so much fun but my board broke in half so I need a new one. I would buy a new phone because the phone I have now is messed up badly and glitches, with the xbox one would be so I could play online with friends that live far away from me and reconnect with them. Clothing is just for football use only, and the slides are because my slides are worn down and falling apart but the food is just cause I’m hungry right now…..

Historical Human

A historical figure I would like to meet is Walt Disney because he was so successful and he did so much within his lifespan and how he was so happy and enjoy making movies and shows for kids all over the nation and world!!!

I would love to meet Walt disney because i wanna know how successful he truly was and how to become successful but the biggest question i have for him is how did he get into the business of making movies and shows for kids and adults too! Walt Disney still surprises me to this day because he did so much back then and not a lot of people realize how much he did for everyone around the world and how they never notice shocks me because he is so big and was such a power image for kids and teens but not only them but also adults too.

I want to be like Walt Disney because i love kids and i enjoy seeing kids laugh and smile because they are still young and I want them to enjoy being young before its too late to do all things you wanted to do as a child because they never wanted to get up an go do it!